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Direct help

Help for Beirut

A support channel for the population affected by the disaster of the explosion of 4 th of August 2020.

Certain that big organizations are doing their job very well and that governments and international organizations are intervening, we also decided to take action being directly connected to some situations in need of support, to bring back stability and a return to normality as soon as possible.

للتّبرع لأهالي بيروت المفجوعين جرّاء إنفجار ٤ آب ٢٠٢٠ إضغط على المربّع الأصفر.

إنّ هدف هذه التبرعات مساعدة الشعب مباشرةً عبر أشخاص موجودين على ساحة الدّمار منذ الساعات الأولى للفاجعة.

نشكركم بإسم سكان بيروت والشعب اللبناني على تعاطفكم وكرمكم


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What we want to do

Through Hamid El Kareh, our contact who lives in Lebanon, not far from Beirut, and who today, the 5 th of August 2020 has been in the affected area, confirming what was reported by the media, a widespread and persistent disaster, we take the responsibility of sending direct aid to some Lebanese families.

With the help of François Dahdah who will act as intermediary and translator, the funds raised will be sent to Hamid who will select the beneficiaries and give an account of the expenses made, including a photographic report.

The results of the aid will be shared only with donors.


Support for home recovery

300,000 homeless people, we will try to help some of them directly, providing the liquidity necessary to restore the property in the emergency phase.

Support for education

Shocked children, without school, no kindergartens and services active for the weeks following the disaster, we will try to provide educational and leisure material (colored pens, papers, books) for some children living in the affected area.

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What happened on August 4, 2020

Beirut, il giorno dopo la tragica esplosione: “Sembra l'apocalisse”

"Sembra l'apocalisse". A Beirut 24 ore dopo la tragica esplosione restano solo macerie e dolore.

Pubblicato da Agorà su Mercoledì 5 agosto 2020 Agorà su Mercoledì 5 agosto 2020
About Us


Empathy is the ability to fully understand the state of mind of others, whether it is joy or pain. The etymological meaning of the term is “feeling inside”, for example “putting yourself in the other’s shoes”, and it is a capacity that is part of the human and animal experience. wikipedia

That explosion, whatever its origin or intention is, resonated within me, with violence, leaving me little space available for other thoughts.

My name is Luca Andrea Marazzini, and I live in a safe place on this planet, in a healthy place without wars.

From here I follow drama and happiness of the world, and thanks to Francois, a friend of Lebanese origins, a few days ago I spoke, imagined and dreamed of Lebanon.

I was terribly shocked seeing Beirut exploding.


English Info

This spontaneous and genuine initiative was born from the ideas and feelings that me, Francois Dahdah, and my friend Luca Andrea Marazzini, shared following the news of the explosion that took place in the port of Beirut and the consequent disaster that our beloved capital is experiencing. Our idea is to transform the donations collected into concrete and tangible actions. To this end, and with all respect for traditional organizations, we made the precise choice to intervene directly on site, through the humanity and sensibility of Luca, my intermediation, and the great work that my friend Hamid will carry out in the field, with the help of his fellows and volunteers who are already at work in the exploded Beirut. Our backgrounds are different, but what unites us are our strong principles and beliefs: social responsibility, determination, empathy, compassion, creativity and the desire to be useful always and especially in this delicate moment for lebanese people in Lebanon. The interventions that we will be able to achieve will be demonstrated through written reports and photographic documentaries, and shared only with donors.

We thank you on behalf of all Beirut’s citizens and lebanese people that will receive help through your donation.


we put forward our face on it

A project born of random encounters and stories prior to the disaster, which united us in this situation and drove us into actions we want to achieve.

We take the responsibility of giving real value to the donations that Family & Friends have granted to this small support mission.

Luca Andrea Marazzini

Luca Andrea Marazzini

Man in the mountains, Coordination


Kreative with the head in the clouds, living above 1000 meters, I deal with commercial and social events and projects.

Humanist and always ready for action.

François Dahdah

François Dahdah

The bridge between Italy and Lebanon

Enthusiast storyteller, I fuel up with tales, stories and projects that I spread with passion and devotion. My ideal environment? Wherever human contact might be.

 Hamid El Kareh

Hamid El Kareh

The man in Beirut

Farming is what i do. I’m a social activist driven by passion and humanism.

I am always ready to help and support others.

Wikipedia / Libano

Wikipedia / Beirut

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