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Each aid is a story


Each person has a path, a place, a presence, many have shared this disaster, which, adding to the already difficult Lebanese situation, has led to a series of difficulties and needs.
With our small initiative we decided to intervene on a specific theme, doors and windows to protect the houses destroyed by the force of the blast wave.
Some have lost their homes, but even those who have had the grace of minor damage are in a condition of necessity and need to protect the family shelter.
Hamid suggested this kind of intervention, after a field analysis, and we immediately began to work in this direction.
Till today we have identified five families that have been promptly supported. For each intervention we will show you the before and after and we will give you hints on the extraordinary story that each family experienced as a consequence to this tragedy. We will keep you updated with the following interventions and stories. Thank you very much for your precious support to the Beirut 2020 initiative.

Total Funds Raised

residual amount


has been invested in the Doors and Windows initiative

Total transferred to Beirut

Converted value in US dollars

HOUSE 01 – Beirut – Al Mdawwar

It belongs to Elie Abboud, an employee of the Lebanese Fire Service – Beirut, the branch that had lost ten of its members in the explosion. Elie survived because he was off duty on the day of the explosion.

The house had a massive destruction as it is situated less than 200 meters from the harbor. The family had already started doing some work on the house with the support of family and friends.

Total amount 320 $

HOUSE 02 – Beirut – Al Mdawwar

It belongs to Carmen ….. Her daughter was badly injured and the house had been seriously damaged. Carmen appreciated our initiative and asked us to just assist in getting her a main door.
The main door had been shattered and was temporarily replaced with a piece of wood. We have also contributed in changing the kitchen door which was damaged and has blood stains on it, although it wasn’t urgent but it gave her a shiver every time she looked at it.

Total amount 725 $

HOUSE 03 – Beirut – Mar Mkhael Street – BLDG 973

Kahlil Mansour Building – Ground Flour (Left Apartment)

Residence of Karam Michel Barotta

Mrs. Barotta was badly injured by the explosion as she stood in the main door having a chat with her neighbor Victoria who was also injured. They were both admitted at the hospital for a period of over 2 weeks. The house as you will see from the pictures shows the extent of the damage caused. The wall separating the Barotta house from one of the neighbors was completely destroyed as well as part of the main door, many of the interior and balcony doors as well as windows and majority of the furniture. We made most of the major work to get the house back to a habitable condition.

Total amount 1,556 $

HOUSE 04 – Beirut – Mar Mkhael Street – BLDG 973

Kahlil Mansour Building – Ground Flour (Right Apartment)

Residence of Jean Gerges Maalouf

Mrs. Victoria Odaymi, the Barotta’s family neighbor who happened to be in the doorway at the time of the explosion survived with severe injuries and is still at the hospital at the moment. She’s an old woman who lives alone and had great damage to her house. Major repairs were made to enable her return to the house upon her discharge from the hospital.

Total amount 935 $

HOUSE 05 – Beirut – Kobayyat Street – BLDG 1012

Residence of George Emil Assaf

Kobayyat Street is in one of the areas that were severely affected by the explosion. Mr George had already been assisted and supported by other initiatives similar to ours, with the exception of the kitchen roof which was destroyed by blocks that had fallen from the building next door. He explained that he had saved and gathered some material and was left with only a few to purchase and someone to get the job done for him. And since we were working close to his house we allowed our team to buy the necessary and get the job done.

Total amount 140 $

General Expenses

The operation has general expenses due to funds transfer. The transfer procedure via paypal and from paypal to italian banking account number, are free of charge. For the money transfer to Lebanon we used Western Union channel and we were charged for about a 5% of the amount due to tranfer fee and exchange rate from euros to US dollars.

Other expenses are are attributable to transport and comunications.

In the gallery all the receipts of the operation.


Total amount 70$